Adiant Solar Opportunities I


Final closing July 2012.


Adiant Solar Opportunities I (“ASO”) is a privately held investment vehicle.

ASO’s strategy is to provide construction financing for photovoltaic projects, therefore stepping into the financing gap left by traditional lenders, which have retreated from this market segment over the last years in certain jurisdictions.

While ASO’s capital can be deployed flexibly, in most transactions ASO acquires ready-to-build photovoltaic projects from project developers, finances their construction, and resells them upon completion to third-party long-term investors seeking a high quality, long-term predictable income stream from operating solar photovoltaic infrastructure and which are not able or willing to acquire projects during their construction phase. 

Depending on the needs of an investor in a specific market, ASO can also provide construction equity or debt or can provide construction financing solely for the EPC part.

ASO has a global scope and targets conventional subsidies-based projects as well as PPA-based or fully merchant projects in certain jurisdictions. 

As of the end of Q1 2016, ASO has deployed around €115 million of debt and equity capital.

With respect to the size of projects, ASO aims at financing the construction of rooftop portfolios and ground-mount installations between around 1MWp up to around 20MWp in a single transaction.

Adiant Capital Partners welcomes enquiries by project developers, EPCs, and long-term hold investors wishing to discuss specific aspects of the ASO strategy.