Investment Focus

Adiant Capital Partners currently pursues two distinct strategies focusing on the construction and operational phases of renewable energy infrastructure investments.


Adiant Solar Opportunities I ("ASO"), an investment vehicle established in 2012 exclusively investing in the construction phase of solar photovoltaic projects. ASO has been closed in 2017.

Adiant ACO Sarl ("ACO"), a privately-held investment vehicle out of which Adiant currently operates in Luxembourg.

Regulatory Environment 

We invest in countries with stabilised regulatory frameworks, encompassing specific regulation and clear roadmaps for development of renewable energies, and with a broader regulation affecting capital deployment in the sector, such as a well-established land register. 

In terms of asset revenue models, we consider all incentive types, including, among others, feed-in-tariffs, tradable certificates, PPAs and fully merchant projects.  


Our funds can be deployed flexibly and across the capital structure and can take equity, mezzanine or debt positions depending on the specific situation. In addition to traditional investments in the equity of projects, Adiant Capital Partners provides construction equity or debt to investors in renewable energy projects and can also acquire distressed debt positions from lenders, which have taken control of an underperforming asset.